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About ESG Wellness Series

A FREE community project started by Enterprise Sports Group (ESG) during the pandemic to empower companies to improve the health literacy and health of their employees and their loved ones. This is achieved through a series of monthly LIVE Virtual thematic medical talks presented by Medical Doctors. Now in 2023, the ESG Wellness Series will be expanding to not only health and financial virtually, but also Onsite Talks, Gamification, Corporate Onsite Screenings, and Employee Benefits for your employees! 

Held usually on the last Wednesday and Thursday of every month, the events are Free and Exclusive for staff from participating companies. 

Since it’s inception in July 2020, The ESG Virtual Wellness Series has grown to become the Biggest Virtual Workplace Event and Community in Singapore with over 600,000+ employees from more than 600+ companies across MNCs, SMEs, and Government Institutions! 

Empowering Companies to Engage and Improve Well-being

With the hybrid workforce where traditional corporate wellness on-site activities have been disrupted, it has proven to be more challenging to engage your staff and keep check on their well-being. By extending the access to free virtual wellness events with such as the ESG Virtual Wellness Series with now in 2023, will be expanding to not only health and financial virtually, but also Onsite Talks, Gamification, Corporate Onsite Screenings, and Employee Benefits for your employees, you are able to reach out to your staff and provide assurance that you care for their well-being. 

(Data Source: ESG Post-event Surveys 2021)*

attendees enjoyed the events
attendees want their company to continue sharing our virtual events
attendees believe their company cares for their well-being

FREE for your staff. FREE up your time.

Organizing your own staff engagement events are great, but taxing and time-consuming. Register for Exclusive (by-invite) & Free staff invites to the ESG Wellness series and leave the monthly remote staff engagement and corporate wellness to us.


Why Join ESG Wellness Series?

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Learn from Top Medical Doctors LIVE and On-demand

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Challenge yourself to Health Literacy Quiz and stand the chance to win prizes!

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LIVE Q&A Session with the Doctors


Enjoy exclusive corporate deals!

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Common Q&As

  1. What is ESG Virtual Wellness Series?

ESG Virtual Wellness Series is a FREE community project started by Enterprise Sports Group (ESG) during the pandemic to empower companies to improve the health literacy and health of their employees. In addition, the ESG Series also help companies engage their remote employees, show that the company cares for them, and build greater staff retention.  

The ESG Virtual Wellness Series is a monthly series of virtual medical talks presented by medical doctors. Held during lunchtime from 12 pm to 1 pm usually on the last Wednesday and Thursday monthly, the ESG Series has attracted a fast-growing community of more than 350 companies and over 400,000 employees.  

Registration is Exclusive (we do not extend registration to the public) and FREE! An interested company can register their company once online and receive weekly exclusive event invitation eDMs for them to forward to their staff to register FREE online for the monthly virtual medical talks. For more information, visit 

  1. I'm in charge of corporate wellness or staff engagement for my company, why should I sign up my company for this?
  • Exclusive (by-invite only as we do not allow public registration) + FREE 
  • Increasing health literacy and health of your employees means a productive workforce. An employee with higher health literacy is less likely to suffer from chronic health conditions as per research and many of your employees or loved ones may be at risk or have existing medical conditions and will benefit from the information by our medical doctors. 
  • Great Event Experience & Useful content by our medical doctors' speakers - 98% enjoyed our event 
  • Show Your Company cares for your staff to increase staff retention- 94% feel that their company cares for them by giving them the chance to attend the ESG Series 
  • No effort is needed as we will be organising everything and you just need to help us forward the Event EDM to your staff every month to give them the option 
  • Post Event Staff Analytics & Recognition for your management reporting – No. Of employees registered and list of names, Top 10 Company Awards, etc  
  1. Is Registration FREE? Why is it free?

Yes, registration is exclusive and FREE! ESG started the ESG Series as a FREE Community Project. All of our events are free because of the help of our generous sponsors! All of them make it possible for us to provide informative and engaging events with no charges. While it is FREE, we wouldn’t mind a simple donation from your side, if you can spare some. 

  1. What programs are offered?

We have 2 events scheduled for each month in 2022. Each event will be held on last Wednesday and last Thursday of each month during lunchtime virtual talks from 12 pm to 1 pm. The goals of the events are meant to educate and increase the health literacy and health of your employees. They also get the chance to ask Medical Doctors Speakers questions at our Live Session. The Monthly topics are wide and catered to every employee. Find out the scheduled events here.  

5. How do I register my company? 

Fill up this form and we will email you about the upcoming events every Monday that you and your staff can join. 

  1. I already sign up our company previously for the Series before; do we need to sign up again our company for the 2022 Series?

We will recommend you take the time to sign up again and provide us with the latest information especially if you will be changing new POCs, adding more POCs, or Supervisors. Update in this form 

  1. Do you email staff prior to the event?

Yes! We always send out email and SMS reminders regarding the event to remind them to attend the LIVE sessions, on-demand, and the chance to download Summary Notes by our medical doctor speakers. 

  1. Is there a PDPA consent requirement upon registration?

Yes! All participating organisations are required to give consent to our data privacy policy which explains how data collected is also shared with our sponsors. All registrants are given the option to opt-out from our event and future communications at any point in time by informing us to “unsub” in accordance with PDPA. Find out more about our Data Privacy Policy here. 

  1. What are the requirements to join?

We only need you to register your company ONCE  by completing this online form . Once you have registered your company, we will email you the monthly staff event registration EDM (“Event EDM”) every Monday morning for you to forward to your employees for them to register online directly with us. Leave everything to ESG! Upon successful registration, they will be directly notified by us via email, and the event link will be emailed to their registered email 1 day prior to the event day and the event day morning, and 1 hour before the event. 

  1. Can I withdraw my company's attendance?

Yes. You are free to withdraw your company and we will not send any more event eDM to you this means your staff will not be able to receive their Exclusive & Free invitation to our monthly virtual medical talks. We would truly appreciate it if you can share with us your reasons for cancellation. You can simply email to inform us about your wish to withdraw your company from the ESG Series. 

  1. What happens if my staff who registered couldn’t attend the LIVE Session?

At their own convenience, your staff who registered can still access and watch the replay session within 7-day after Live session using the same event link sent to their registered email. 

  1. Are the events open to staff residing outside Singapore?

Yes, we are going regional! We understand many of you are regional companies and want to share these invites with your regional colleagues to regional staff. Simply extend the email to your Singapore-based employees and regional employees so they to secure their spaces for the monthly talks. 

  1. I need more information; how do I contact you?

For more information on ESG Virtual Wellness Series, you can visit or ESG Series Introduction video at ESG Virtual Wellness Series 2021 . Any queries, email to 

  1. What do I/my company get for having most staff participation for the event?

The Top 10 Company Award recognizes companies who are actively engaged in promoting the healthy practice of health & wellness to their employees.  The ESG Virtual Wellness Series is a community project that empowers companies to improve the health literacy and health of their employees through a series of monthly LIVE virtual medical talks. Each progamme is carefully curated with the support of a prolific panel of medical doctors who are specialists in the monthly topics covered in this programme series.   

Your company will be awarded a Top 10 social badge which you can use to internally report to management. This accolade will also be announced on ESG’s social media channels, thus providing greater exposure to your organisation’s great achievement in employee engagement and empowerment in the areas of health & wellness. 

Top 10 Companies that are actively engaging their employees to promote health and wellness 

  1. I don’t want any insurance company to call my staff

We understand your concerns but please rest assured that we comply strictly with the PDPA. To register for the virtual event, your employees will need to give express consent to give ESG and/or our sponsors their details for events, marketing communications, and exclusive corporate deals.  They will also need to agree to our data protection and privacy policy. If they are uncomfortable in giving this consent, they can choose not to consent and not proceed with their event registration. Please note that we DO NOT resell their details but only allow event sponsors the right to contact your staff as they help to defray our cost to allow us to offer such high-quality virtual medical talks at no cost to your company and staff. At any point in time after registration, they can also request to opt-out and we will remove them from our registration and not be contacted as per PDPA. 

  1. I do want any emails to be sent directly to my staff as I prefer to communicate directly to my staff, not ESG?

We understand your concerns but we are unable to accede to this as timely direct communications are key to updating the registrants. We will send them an email and SMS reminders to attend the Live session, the opportunity to download the summary notes by speakers, and exclusive corporate deals if any. In this way, we also help streamline the communications and your workload as we believe we can empower companies to manage this virtual talk end to end so that you can focus on your strategic work instead. 

  1. What participation report can I get from event participation?

At your request by 7 days after the end of each event, you can email your respective relationship managers (,, or for post-event analytics as such total no. Of registrants, total no. Of attendees and list of registrants from your staff for a particular event.   

  1. Do you provide bespoke events?

Yes, we do at a fee based on your requirement. As a workplace health promotion specialist, we are commissioned by many companies to curate and organise bespoke events exclusively for their employees at their workplace at a fee. You can email your interest to to be contacted to understand your requirements. 

  1. My staff, who registered didn’t receive the event link? How?

As part of ensuring a good event experience for our registrants, and your employees, we will send at least 3 emails (email sender name to their registered email prior to the event day ( 1 in the morning a day before the event, 1 in the morning of event day and 1 within 1 hour from the live session) and 1 SMS on the event day to remind them to look out for the important emails from their inbox and JUNK folder. Some staff may occasionally forget which email they used (corporate email or personal email) to register and it helps to remind them to check the inbox and junk folder of the same email they used to register at the point of registration. 🙂 

  1. My staff who registered, received the email containing the event link but they couldn’t see or hear it properly at the virtual event.

Your staff are reminded to use desktop, CHROME, and sometimes their personal laptop or tablet for the best user experience in our email reminders. The less than perfect experience could be due to the Company IT Security Firewall which we can do little of and it will be good to encourage them in this case to use their own personal laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile (remember to use CHROME not Safari! Web browser!) 

Join the Trusted Big Community of 600+ Companies

300+ companies and their 600,000+ employees including Deloitte, 3M, KPMG, Shell, HP, Keppel, City Development Limited, Nanyang Polytechnic, Attorney’s Generals–Chambers joined us

Staff registration smashed our previous face-to-face activity attendance by nearly 50%, I knew we had done the right thing collaborating with ESG.

ESG Virtual Workplace Event was very well received amongst the staff of SIM. ESG has proven to be a great corporate wellness partner that has helped save cost and reduce my workload of organizing such workplace activities. We look forward to our next event with ESG!

ESG’s inventive virtual event effectively brought the benefits of conventional face-to-face events online. The team took into consideration the profile and needs of our staff and delivered a truly relevant and engaging event. We enjoyed the virtual platform features such as the e-bazaar, private chat functions and video sessions. We certainly look forward to the next edition.

Excellent speakers and relevant topics. Keep it up. Thank you!

Pat Tia 

Thank you for organizing. Is very knowledgeable! 

June Chen, The Smart Investor 


The slides from Dr Teo were vivid and helped me to visualize. 

Mary Tan, Mary Tan & Associates 

Very interesting sharing, thank you! 

Delphine Low, Nanyang Polytechnic 

Founded in 2005, Enterprise Sports Group Pte Ltd (ESG) is a leading homegrown virtual events, workplace health promotion and marketing agency in Singapore. For the past 15 years, we have organized many iconic national events and proprietary health and wellness events like Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, Great Eastern Women 10K, Cold Storage Kids Run, Nike Human Race etc

In 2018, ESG took a step towards Workplace Health Promotion. Appointed by Health Promotion Board (HPB) as the exclusive corporate outreach agency for National Steps Corporate Challenge - Singapore’s biggest corporate health campaign, we achieved a 60% record increase in participation with 160,000+ staff from 1,100+ companies.

During the Circuit Breaker 2020, ESG made a commitment to empower the companies to improve the wellbeing of their remote employees by launching the Free community project, ESG Virtual Wellness Series which has since grown to become the Biggest Virtual Workplace Health Event and Community in Singapore!

With remote working here to stay, ESG ventured beyond the workplace health promotion and marketing services and organised different bespoke virtual events and conferences for companies including MOH Holding, PUB, Orange Business Services-Cisco, Fitbit, Lazada, Baxalta etc