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Knee Protection: What you Knee-d to Know

Knee injuries are common and can occur to even the most fit and active amongst us. Find out more about the wear-and-tear of your knees, how to avoid injuries and the treatments available. Registration is now open and will close on 28 June!

Build Financial Security & Retirement Nest Egg During Uncertain Times

Sustaining financial health during uncertain times can be a challenge. Learn about the ways to establish financial stability for the long run. Registration is now open and will close on 25 June!

Seeing Clearly: Good Vision & Healthy Eyes

Being glued to digital screens the whole day for work and even play can cause strain to your eyes. Discover how to protect and correct your vision from minor discomfort to serious medical conditions. Registration is now open and closes on 24 May or when slots reach 1000!

pain management

Care for Your Pain

Suffering from different types of body pain can affect our quality of life. Understand when it’s time to seek help and find out more about the multi-disciplinary approach of Interventional Pain Management. Registration closes on 26 April or when slots reach 600!

Women’s Health: Knowing Your Body

Women have many unique health concerns. Some conditions may also affect women differently. Learn about keeping yourself healthy and knowing how to keep check of your own body to lower risks for diseases such as breast cancer. Find out as well how to protect yourself and your loved ones financially and uncover the true cost…

Men’s Health: Hard and Fast Truths

Get ready for a frank discussion with our medical experts. Learn about conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction and enlarged prostate glands. Find out useful tips on critical illnesses and finances relating to men’s health. Get to ask those burning questions in this virtual event! We have now closed the registration and we are grateful for…

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